11 years ago today, we stepped into the atelier space at Lindengasse 56 and welcomed the founding community of Impact Hub. 

The paint was still fresh, light bulbs were only being mounted as the guests entered, our clothes remained covered in dust, and lots of tools could only be hidden in haste behind doors or under blankets (after all, this is how it looked just three days earlier…) – and yet it felt special.

A few years before, we were asking ourselves: In a city rich in opportunities, where does one go to make a difference, build businesses that better society and find allies, peers, partners-in-crime? On March 25th 2010 we finally had an answer and could say “We’re open” in Vienna’s first place for impact.

A lot has happened since: An amazing community grew, countless connections – likely and unlikely – were created, start-ups on all issues that matter were born and scaled, three more floors added, our network expanded to cities all around the world, and a lot more. 

We started this journey as a group of friends, three of us stepping forward as founders. We never expected otherwise but are still proud to say: no one has left, and many more have joined. Leadership batons were passed throughout the years, and we are more than set for many more years of increased impact: Eager to give our all to create a more just, resilient and sustainable future.

So here is to renewed commitments, amazing opportunities, and with immense gratitude for inspiring experiences everyday!


Alexis, Hinnerk and Matthias