We believe there is no “I” in team but there is “we” in awesome and when great minds come together everything gets better. This Spring‘s Issue not only validates the power of collaboration but also stands as a reminder that we are stronger, better together.

Despite the uncertainties around the world, we found opportunities that will drive the change; and here we are, sharing exciting new projects with you.

Also: when we are talking about climate change we are taking things very seriously, and we are committed to finding solutions for a climate neutral future. Together with key partners, we are now gearing up for a new accelerator program.

We are launching soon with over 400K EUR in grants for startups developing  solutions focused on climate neutrality across all city systems  – from mobility to waste, from energy to health.

This is just the beginning –

stay healthy, stay curious, stay tuned!


Social Impact Award offers a brand new format – the International Social Impact Weekend from April 16-18. During this interactive online event you will have the chance to dive into the world of social entrepreneurship, exchange ideas with successful social entrepreneurs and develop and improve your own ideas for a better future! Join alone or with your team and connect with like-minded peers globally!

We have successfully finished prototyping our 1st Sustainable Fashion Accelerator – supporting entrepreneurs from Austria and the Netherlands to grow their brands and contribute to the transformation of an industry that currently harms people and the planet. This fantastic experience left us  dreaming of sustainable catwalk presentations across the Impact Hub Network and a flagship FABB Lab/Store in the heart of Vienna.

Together with the Austrian Red Cross and New Paradigm Ventures we have launched REDpreneur. Over the course of this year we will support the development of impactful ventures for providing health and social services in East and South East Europe and the South Caucasus.

AHOY WEBEEM! While we are doing heavy work in the machine room for the next-level prototype,  we drop anchor in: Hamburg. We are excited to open another Chapter of WEBEEM and present you 5 Impact Pioneers from Hamburg.


  • 10s across the board! Congratulations to the great people at mindful mission for securing investments from all judges on the panel at the 2 Minuten 2 Millionen – Start-Up Show! Because every gram of CO2 is a gram too much, a mindful mission created a platform to help all of us live without impacting the climate.

  • There is great news from health tech start-up reha buddy. After securing a 600K funding by aws, and extensive testing and fine tuning in cooperation with the Orthopaedic Hospital Vienna-Speising, their digital solution for therapy assessment is about to receive medical approval, and market readiness is within reach in Q2 2021. We are very excited about the future steps of this great venture!

  • It takes a village to build a brand, we all know that. If you are a startup with a social impact agenda, an NGO or even a freelance professional with a personal brand – our friends from The Brandling got you covered. Apply now for a ‘Hot Seat’ (it’s free!) and share your story and challenges with the Brand The Change community. Get a few dozen extra ears, eyes and brains of brand professionals to help you move forward with your brand.

  • Innovating and prototyping new products, services or business models is a great and rewarding challenge, but developing them further to reach market readiness might need a little push. The aws Creative Impact Funding is financially supporting future ventures with highly innovative and financially driven projects in order to achieve marketability.