Climate Lab Upgrade

Impact Hub members can now add a Climate Lab upgrade to their membership! With a clear focus on climate solutions, the Climate Lab community will provide you with:

  • Access to our co-working and event space in Spittelau
  • Networking and innovation events focused on specific climate-related topics 
  • Discounts for meeting and event room rentals in the Climate Lab space in Spittelau
  • A curated community, including industry partners such as Wien Energie, Wiener Linien and Siemens Energy, as well as public institutions like the Austrian Climate and Energy Funds and the Federal Ministry for Climate Action.

Upgrade Packages


Who should apply?

Start-ups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, researchers, academics and other members of civil society who are committed to achieving climate neutrality in the fields of energy, mobility, construction and housing, and/or the circular economy. Not sure if Climate Lab is right for you? Contact us with your questions!

Why does Climate Lab offer an upgrade option for Impact Hub members?

Collaboration is a key tenet of our work, and we recognize the immense potential in building bridges between the Impact Hub community and that of Climate Lab. By offering climate-focused members of Impact Hub an upgrade to join Climate Lab, they have access to highly relevant events, programs and a community curated specifically around this field of work.

Why is the application process for upgrades different from that for Climate Lab-only members?

Impact Hub is the operational manager of Climate Lab. That means that as an Impact Hub member, we already have your necessary information in our database, and you don’t have to go through the process of entering it all over again. Also, as Climate Lab has a specific focus on climate, we want to double-check that potential members will be in a community that is relevant to their work. If you’re not sure if Climate Lab is right for you, please contact us with your questions!

Why do I see Impact Hub’s name on Climate Lab newsletters, invoices, etc.?

Impact Hub is a co-initiator and the operational manager of Climate Lab. With years of experience managing communities, innovation programs and co-working space, the Impact Hub team brings a wealth of knowledge into the management of Climate Lab’s day-to-day operations.

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