The Climate Lab community brings climate innovators from across sectors together in pursuit of a shared goal: achieving climate neutrality as quickly as possible. To be part of the community, a member must have a clear focus on finding or developing climate-neutral solutions and be committed to collaboration, learning and exchange.

Members are not required to have met any specific standards for climate protection in their current business or activities, and membership does not imply that their business models or activities have withstood an external audit for climate protection or sustainability.

We chose to build our community in this way, because we recognize that many businesses and organizations are still exploring pathways to change. In seeking ways to turn climate commitments into transformative action, we believe that an open, collaborative approach moves us all towards our common goal more quickly and effectively than any of us could achieve working alone. It’s time to collaborate like never before.

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Calling all climate innovators!

If you’re looking for an inspiring place to work, want to connect with unlikely allies, or are seeking programs and events to amplify your impact, Climate Lab is the place to be.

Interested? Apply now to become a member!


The Climate Lab community is the place for climate innovators from all sectors to work, meet, learn and connect.

Events & Programs

Member-only programs and events focusing on networking and the development of climate solutions.

Resident Consultants

Drop-in consulting with resident experts in areas such as energy, urban development, fundraising and more.


Flexible workspace for individuals and teams, plus focus rooms, phone booths, creative lounges and community areas.

Meeting & Event Spaces

Book one of four meeting rooms or our flexible event space for in-person, hybrid or online gatherings.

Other Amenities

  • Community kitchens
  • Hosted reception
  • High-speed internet
  • Printer / scanner / copier
  • Company registration, post box & locker available for an additional fee


*** Summer Special ***

Dreaming of cool lakes, sunshine and bare feet?  And although you would love to join the Climate Lab community now, you don’t want to be tied down over the summer? We totally understand.

Sign up for a Connect or Flex membership by May 31, and we’ll give you August for free. Just use the code FREEAUGUST when you register.

Due to high demand, we are currently giving priority to applicants with a specific focus on our key topics: energy, mobility, building and/or circularity.
To be put on the waiting list or to check availability at our partner, Impact Hub, please send an email to:

Terms of service

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**As the operating manager of Climate Lab, all applications will be processed by Impact Hub Vienna.**

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