2021 has just begun, and wherever we look it has come with renewed inspiration, dedication, hope and commitment to jointly build a more just, sustainable, and resilient world.

As we are starting the year, we ourselves are also ready to enter it with many new commitments and strategic ambitions. Truth is, some of these initiatives are still in the (final) making – but so much can be said: we will invite you to grow with us, and to join in as we are increasing our commitment to climate, build more ecosystems on issues that matter and deepen our impact as a community.

We are set to support more start-ups and innovations than ever before, eager to engage many new creative minds, and ready to celebrate a decade of impact at this year’s Impact Days at the Hofburg.

As said, we are excited. We are excited for “Man does not simply exist, but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become in the next moment.” (Victor E. Frankl)


While every individual’s effort is an important step in the right direction, this society and planet have reached a precipice. And it’s time for change to happen on a larger scale.To support and bring recognition to inspiring examples, Mercer and Institutional Money have initiated the Money 4 Change – Impact Awards, which will be presented in four categories: asset owner, corporates, entrepreneurs and collaboration.


On February 11th we will kick off the new greenstart program of the Klima- und Energiefonds with an ideas workshop. Here you can learn more about the program, get feedback on your applications and work with experts on your ideas. You shouldn’t miss the inspiring key-note of Philipp Stangl, winner of last year’s program and CEO/co-founder of Rebel Meat.


ViennaUP is a unique online festival for and by the community of startups, investors and talents across Europe. Taking place  between 27 April and 12 May, it paves the way for exploring new forms of partnerships for tomorrow’s pioneering business solutions. Meet us at the Smart City Summit for a glimpse at solutions for healthy, clean cities and a climate neutral future.


We are happy to welcome glacier in our community and as collaborators. They just moved into their offices at Impact Hub, rapidly building their community of corporate climate champions and working on a #supersimple playbook for CO2 reduction and their Climate Impact Day later this year.


The Social Impact Award has supported young minds in developing their innovative ideas and founding a social enterprise for over ten years. This year makes no difference: if you also want to dive into the world of social entrepreneurship, join us at our Kick-Off Weekend from March 5 to 7, 2021 co-hosted by SIA Austria and SIA Germany. We‘re also taking the opportunity to share with you the success stories that made the headlines last year.


Together with 20+ ventures from Amsterdam and Vienna we made 10.000+ people curious about a new kind of impact marketplace: WEBEEM. Stay tuned for next steps as we aim to strengthen our local economies and communities, together not alone.


Terra is our nurturing home. It’s our duty to keep it alive. As a symbol of Impact Hub’s commitment for a climate neutral future, we sow the first seed of The Impact Hub Forest. The one hundred trees we have chosen to plant  can absorb, in the first year, enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to fill up 77,538 basketballs! You can also plant a tree  in the Impact Hub Forest! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to grow ten times by the end of the year?