2020 reshuffled priorities, demanded different settings and took away events as we knew them. It asked us to think about the future of our spaces – and pushed us to have them ready to be experienced online and hybrid.

We are excited about where it got us and happy to lift the curtain and believe we can now offer the unique Impact Hub vibe online, offer high-level virtual hosting, and create interaction in a constructive, inclusive, sustainable way. We are done spending our energies in fear, we look for new scenarios enabling our community to action.

For this reason, we have re-designed and beautified our meeting rooms and event space to offer the perfect environment for virtual events and workshops: our space has been terrifically improved, the Mini Meeting Room can now also be used as a cool Podcast Room; our Event Room was re-born as The Hybrid Stage, now able to deliver hybrid events at the highest quality, with full technical support and the state-of-the-art equipment, provided in collaboration with Zeitecht and Zimtfilm.

So, yes, these times are critical, but they also open up to a whole new world of opportunities. It is time to experience them: have a look at the new space catalogbook our space or join our Impact Expedition Stronger Together: Mit Innovation und Kollaboration zur Klimaneutralität on June 1st to enjoy a genuine Impact Hub hybrid experience!

Change is here to stay, and we are ready to embrace it.