innovation projects for climate & circularity

Our projects bring diverse players together with the goal of developing solid proofs-of-concept with a high potential for impact.

We work with partners from the public and private sectors in Multi-Stakeholder Projects (MSPs) ranging from circular building materials to green jobs, from sustainable mobility to alternative energy sources.

Multi-Stakeholder Projects

First, we work with the partner to specify an implementation goal based on a specific topic. An initial research phase is designed to enable a deep understanding of the problem area and identify the most pressing issues.

We then identify stakeholders from various sectors based on their expertise, relevance for implementation, role in regulation, etc. These stakeholders are then engaged through various formats focusing on, i.e., problem analysis, concept development, or testing and iteration.

At the conclusion of the project, the partner has a solid proof-of-concept to serve as a basis for implementation.

Formats & Modules

Start-Up Collaborations

We pair industry partners with start-ups to co-develop innovative solutions to the partner’s identified challenge(s).

Topic-Based Workshops

We convene professionals across industries for workshops ranging from in-depth exchanges on a specific topic to  building a systems-level understanding of a given challenge.

Special Projects

Partners can propose special projects that would benefit from Climate Lab’s cross-sectoral community and expertise in facilitating collaboration.

Focus: Circularity

Around 50% of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to the extraction and production of resources and materials, and the push for continual growth persists despite extensive warning signals that our earth is at its limits.

As the home of circular innovation in Vienna, Climate Lab is supporting the Austrian government’s national circular economy strategy to transform its economy into a climate-neutral, circular economy by 2050.

Together with various partners we are working on a number of projects in areas such as:

  • Circular business models for office furniture
  • B2B textile recycling
  • Reducing CO2 and advancing circularity in building materials
  • Circular design and product development
  • Recycling and recovering secondary raw materials
  • Building renovations
  • Integrating AI into circular building

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