As a homebase for Vienna’s climate innovators, the Climate Lab space was designed to inspire, with sustainability and collaboration serving as our guiding principles. We sought out high-quality materials that are not only durable, but where circularity plays a major role in the product’s life cycle. We installed equipment based on energy efficiency and refurbishing practices. We experimented with room designs that combined spacious desks for collaborative working with community kitchens and inviting nooks for casual conversations. 

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Logo für den Österreichisches Umweltzeichen für Green Location

The Climate Stage

Our main event venue complies with the highest standards of environmental protection in Austria. In December 2023, the Climate Stage and Creative Loft received certification as  Green Locations by the Austrian Ecolabel, a widely recognized, rigorous certification process regulated by the Austrian Ministry for Climate Action. The Ecolabel verifies a location’s compliance with environmental standards regarding both infrastructure and the quality of its offerings.

Webinar: “Green Event” certification – Where do I start??

Tue, 30.01.24, 13:00-14:00 via Zoom

Catering, tech, travel logistics … and the event should be green! Where do I start??

In this webinar, Ana Radulescu will walk you through the steps needed to get your next event at Climate Lab or Impact Hub certified as a “Green Event” by the Austrian Ecolabel.

Tip: As a Green Location many of the criteria are already fulfilled!

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Our Actions

Cubes with the SDGs are on each side of a speaker's podium. Event guests can be seen in the background.

Supporting green events

We support organizers to certify their “Green Events” under our Ecolabel license. As a Green Location many of the criteria are already fulfilled and our trained staff can support you with the final steps.

We are committed to working exclusively with catering partners certified with the Ecolabel by 2027.

Seated audience from the back listening to speaker. Screens show additional visual imagery and event branding.

Hybrid Events

The Climate Stage is equipped with the technology for hybrid events, allowing organizers to replace conventional event elements with digital solutions. For example, speakers can present via video and participants can engage online thus enabling the reduction of emissions from travel while expanding accessibility. 

Climate Lab logo on a white honeycomb board next to a green houseplant in the evening sun.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

We calculate the greenhouse gas footprint for our company’s direct and indirect activities (Scope 1, 2 and 3) following the GHG Protocol standard. We use this data to target actionable changes and allocate appropriate offsets as a last resort. 

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Office furnishings and equipment

  • Our office furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) is rented through a novel subscription service from NorNorm, which allows us flexibility in accommodating our growing community without creating surplus supply or unnecessary waste.
  • We have carbon-negative carpet from Interface made with recycled and natural materials and circular production processes.
  • Our phones and tablets are all refurbished, and we rent remanufactured printers.

Climate Lab Sustainability Handbook

Climate Lab Sustainability Concept

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