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Community Memberships

Boost your impact

Civil society organizations (CSOs) are a driving force in the climate movement. With the right opportunities and connections, they have the potential to amplify their impact on a much wider scale. We want to support the invaluable work of these CSOs, particularly those working with limited resources. That’s why we’re seeking two civil society organizations who could benefit from sponsored Climate Lab memberships. Each organization will receive up to three Flex memberships for their team members for one year starting in January 2024. Deadline to apply is December 8.

*Sponsored membership is limited to 1 calendar year and cannot be extended or renewed.


  • 5 days of co-working per month
  • Access to all community events
  • Access to Climate Lab’s ecosystem
  • 1 hour meeting room usage per day*
  • 1 hour focus room usage per day
  • 20% off further room bookings
  • Increased visibility for your organization

*excl. Sonderborg and Leuven


  • Your organization’s mission
  • Financial situation of your organization
  • How can a membership support you in achieving your mission?
  • How can your organization actively contribute to the Climate Lab community?

Deine Vorteile

We encourage and enable organizers to get green certification for their events under our Ecolabel license by providing the support of our trained staff as well as tools for calculating carbon emissions. Find out more about how we can support you.

We are committing to using catering partners with green certification exclusively by 2027.

Application form for sponsored memberships

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