Wiener Linien Start-Up Challenge

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At a glance

Wiener Linien and Climate Lab are seeking innovative solutions that will shape the future of construction sites. In this challenge, we’re looking for ideas and start-ups focusing on reducing or completely eliminating CO2 emissions on construction sites, so that Wiener Linien’s building projects can be as sustainable and resource efficient as possible.

This challenge centers on the question:
What innovative solutions can contribute to CO2 optimization on construction sites and boost resource efficiency?

Application deadline: Sept. 18, 2023

Feedback and exchange

You have the opportunity to work with one of the largest public contracting authorities in construction, which also operates the largest regional public transportation system in Austria.


Selected start-ups can receive a budget of up to 50k € for the implementation of a PoC or pilot project. With this award you can get straight to work on implementation.

Partnership with
Wiener Linien

You have the opportunity to gain Wiener Linien as a partner or customer.

The Challenge

The building industry is a major contributor to climate change, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions on construction sites is a critical challenge. Energy use and the resource intensive nature of construction are two areas where effective new approaches and technologies could make a significant difference in reducing emissions.

Wiener Linien has made CO2 optimized—or better, CO2 neutral—construction sites a top priority, and are taking a closer look at a wide range of potential solutions that focus on energy, resource efficiency, circularity and more.

In this start-up challenge, Wiener Linien aims to get an overview of innovative solutions and products, where potential collaborations could make a major impact. After the initial application process, Wiener Linien experts will invite the start-ups that best fulfill the selection criteria to individual “Innovation Dialogues,” where tailored collaborations can be discussed and developed.

What does that mean for your start-up? By applying to this challenge, your company will be on the radar of a major public contracting authority. Selected start-ups will present and discuss their products and solutions directly with experts and decision-makers at Wiener Linien. This close exchange will not only help Wiener Linien better understand the nuances of your solution, it will also help them to better integrate these kinds of innovations into the legal frameworks for future calls for tender.

Focus Areas

The construction sites of the future should look completely different from the ones we experience today. With the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions of urban construction projects as much as possible, Wiener Linien recognizes that innovative solutions are needed at many different points on a construction site. Solutions found through challenges allow Wiener Linien to integrate these innovations into the framework for future calls for tender, thus anchoring them into common practice.

Wiener Linien’s building portfolio includes both classic and underground projects, such as the construction of platforms, subway infrastructure, ground-level and underground stations, and garages. As part of this challenge, participants are invited to submit potential solutions in these and other related areas.

Note: We are NOT looking for CO2 compensation programs in this challenge.

Logistics and process design for construction sites

Transport routes and logistics should be optimized and simplified with the goal of reducing emissions and saving time. Alternative concepts for logistics should lead to overall improvements in planning construction sites.

On-site infrastructure and machinery

Alternative or optimized energy sources should be found for machinery and equipment, particularly large construction vehicles and machines. Solutions for energy-independent building containers as well as on-site energy generation and storage are also welcome.

Building materials and resource use

When it comes to building materials, the focus lies on reusing, recycling and upcycling as well as the use of circular materials. We’re also seeking ways to minimize the negative impacts of building materials.

How it works

Who should apply?

Start-ups and young companies that are developing or have already developed and implemented a relevant solution or technology.

How will applicants be selected?

Your application will be evaluated by Wiener Linien experts. They will evaluate your application based on the following criteria:

  • Feasibility
  • Level of innovation and development
  • Environmental impact
  • Economic efficiency


Once the application deadline has passed, Wiener Linien will evaluate all submissions and invite selected start-ups to individualized Innovation Dialogues.

(Dates subject to change)

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How does the application process work?
You can start the application process by completing the application form, which will be available until September 18, 2023. After we have reviewed all applications, we will contact the applicants in the first half of October.

How should the application questions be answered?
Your application should contain as much information as necessary for third parties to assess your business model and market potential. We will contact you if something is unclear or if more information is needed. Based on this information, we will make our selection.

Is it possible to apply if we have already received funding?
Yes, absolutely. This program is all about collaboration and finding solutions together.

How many start-ups will be selected?
The number of start-ups to be selected will not be defined in advance. All start-ups that Wiener Linien considers relevant could be invited to an Innovation Dialogue.

What will happen after the evaluation phase?
By applying for this challenge, your company will be on the radar of a major public contracting authority. If selected, your company could be invited to an Innovation Dialogue where you can present and discuss your products and solutions directly with experts and decision-makers at Wiener Linien.  

Selected start-ups will then work closely together with Wiener Linien’s experts to develop prototypes, pilot projects and business cases. A collaboration manager will support the joint working process.

How does the collaboration with Wiener Linien work?
Wiener Linien will set up individualized cooperation agreements with selected start-ups. The goal is then to build a prototype and / or prepare the project for a long-term collaboration. A budget of up to 50,000€ for the first prototypes and pilot projects can be provided.

What will happen after the completion of the pilot project?
Successful pilot projects can be rolled out and/or scaled-up. A decision about follow-up projects or future activities will only be made after the pilot project has been completed.

Are travel expenses reimbursed?
Any travel and accommodation costs incurred in the framework of this program will not be reimbursed.


Wiener Linien operates Vienna’s public transportation system—the largest such system in Austria with over two million passengers per day. The company is constantly developing its urban mobility concept, providing the people of Vienna with an ever-expanding portfolio of climate-friendly mobility options that ranges from public transportation to bicycle and e-vehicle sharing.
Through its state-of-the-art mobility services, Wiener Linien is helping to make Vienna one of the most livable cities in the world.
Climate Lab is a place where innovators in the fields of climate protection and the circular economy can work together towards a shared goal: achieving climate neutrality and the transition to a circular economy as quickly as possible.
Our work centers on building cross-sectoral alliances with a special focus on the areas with the highest potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—energy, mobility and construction. Together, we exchange, collaborate and co-develop solutions.

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