Our goals are clear, ambitious, and urgent. We must build a climate-neutral economy that can limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero.

Incremental solutions are vastly insufficient to achieve these goals, and game-changing innovation simply cannot be achieved alone. We must work together now as never before.

That is why Climate Lab is bringing companies together with start-ups, civil society, science, the public sector, and their own peers to develop innovative solutions. We facilitate the collaborative process, connecting partners with shared ambitions, matching needs with expertise and resources, and designing new ways to innovate together.

Progress Report 2023

Climate Lab is where solutions happen. Through our programs, community and events, we use collaboration to move the climate transformation forward. Find out how in our “Progress Report 2023.”

Key focus

We focus on the sectors with the biggest potential to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and shift towards a circular economy: energy, mobility, construction, and housing.

Here are just a few of the topics we’re currently working on:

Meet our partners

Our partners bring diverse insights to the table. We bring them together to form alliances—both likely and unlikely.

Industry Partners

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