Webinar: Green Event Certification—Where Do I Start??

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Catering, tech, travel logistics … and the event should be “green”! But where do I start??

In this webinar, Paulius Barakauskus provides a short introduction to the Austrian Ecolabel (Umweltzeichen) for Green Locations and the measures that Climate Lab took to receive certification. Then, Ana Radulescu walks you through the steps needed to get your next event at Climate Lab or Impact Hub certified as a “Green Event” by the Austrian Ecolabel.

Tip: As both locations are already certified with the Ecolabel as “Green Locations” most of the required criteria are already fulfilled—that means even less work for you!



  • 0:55 — Paulius introduces the Austrian Ecolabel and gives a brief overview of the steps Climate Lab took to get certified as a Green Location.
  • 13:45 — Q&A about Green Location certification
  • 16:38 — Ana walks us through the steps needed to get a Green Event certified with the Austrian Ecolabel.
  • 30:35 — Q&A about Green Event certification



Ana Radulescu is the Hospitality Lead and Paulius Barakauskus is the Sustainability Coordinator for both Climate Lab and Impact Hub. Both were closely involved in the “Green Location” certfication process at both venues. Ana works together with clients to get their events certified as “Green Events” under the license of the respective location.


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